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  • What do I prioritize? (Final reflection)
    I started the year with a lack of idea generation; I didn’t use any creative risks and barely even changed other people’s ideas at all. I simply shared what others had created. I wanted to learn how to create my own content, and the best way to do that would be taking other people’s work and building it into a better, more compact version. I would take the information, and decide what is necessary to…
  • IDS prep day step 2
    Today, I created an analysis on the results of my instagram analytics. I noticed that 7 days after I stopped posting, the engagement of my posts dropped steeply, to about 500 impressions per day. After another 30 days, the engagement dropped to near-zero, about 10 impressions per day. I also wrote a guide on how to properly optimize your article for google search.
  • IDS fair prep
    Today I continued planning out my posterboard; I decided on creating a sort of guessing game on how each article places on Google Search, and I am also going to use an analysis on how to optimize articles with keywords and such. I lastly just continued analyzing PiMyLifeUp’s article and my own. I worked on it in the afternoon. I related my project to Web Development 10, by relating my inspiration to one of the…
  • Analyzing articles
    For my main ‘showcase’ of my findings in IDS fair, I analyzed two different articles: One by me, and one by PiMyLifeUp. I highlighted important aspects of the articles, and began to discuss their strategies. I did some extra, detailed research on how the use of keywords supports the search engine’s promotion of people’s website. I also added comments so I know what to write as comments, pointing out the strategies used.
  • Why are ‘snippets’ sometimes useless?
    I created an article last week involving a tutorial on using a voice chatbot, like Siri or Cortana. I formatted the article to include a list, which are useful in the Google search engine because they take advantage of snippets. These are the little boxes that appear in your first result of the search, and usually give you a good, straightforward answer to your question. These are, however, bad for your website, as they prevent…