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Google search console & currents statistics

Today, I used the google search console to monitor and set up my website’s statistics. This is useful because I can determine which articles are performing best and can then figure out what the most effective way of optimizing the search engine is.

I started by figuring out what a TXT record is. It’s basically something services use to verify you own a domain. In this case, it’s used for Google Search Console. It’s not working, because google doesn’t give me a TXT host name to fill in.

I don’t know what the “host record” or TTL is, and when I click “save”, it doesn’t work. I’ll look around.

It’s not working still. I’m going to take its advice and log off for the night. Wait, before I do that, I’ll set up google analytics on my wordpress site!

It ended up being pretty easy to do, just lots of account making so they can track me across all their platforms. I’ve got 28 sessions so far on, it’s looking good. Most are from canada, but some are from the US and India. So, I am definitely being visited by strangers! It’s not much but it’s a nice start.

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