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Another article + learning journey

Today, I created another article for my site, made a learning journey, and added some helpful tools to make my writing better.

I decided to make another basic tutorial on enabling SSH for a raspberry pi. I checked out my statistics from my other article and it shows 16 pageviews! That’s great.

I want to add a code syntax editor for this article. I am looking at two different ones, enlightment, and code syntax. Sorry for the sloppy writing on this learning portfolio, by the way. I’m tired right now. I decided on both, and just spent a little bit setting it up. Now my code should be colourful and easy to read. I made the article on SSH which honestly just took time and not really effort. I think I’m going to make a longer article for my next one. Lastly, i made the site look less cluttered by removing the sidebar. I also rewrote my SSH article to make it more readable and improve SEO.

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