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Fixing the site issue… why did I try to move it?

Where is my site?

That’s the question we finished with yesterday. My site was showing up on, but not on my bluehost dashboard. So, I tried to fix this.

I started by going through the files in cPanel, the file manager for the virtual server I’m using, BlueHost. I think that the reason the website isn’t showing up on the dashboard is because the site manager is looking for files in the /web folder of the HTML, while all the folders are simply in the HTML under the same heiarchy of /web. It’s folder management. So, I could just move all the files back to the folder, right?
Wrong. Somewhere along the process, I deleted a key that authenticated the folder, or something. No idea. It doesn’t make sense why moving it back doesn’t work, but I’ll have to see. I am now trying to change the dashboard settings to recognize the folder in /html instead of /html/web. It’s not working.

Alright, I think I have a solution. I’m going to copy the site to, then make a redirect to this way, it works well. So, I get to work. I just import code to tell the HTML page for to redirect to the same thing, but in the web folder. This is so it always shows the updated version when I log in from the website.

So, I found the problem, found a solution, and made a redirect. Fairly straight forward. I don’t even want to talk about the HTML, though. Basically I just followed this guys tutorial and didn’t really learn much. Ah well, the problem is over now, and I have my domain all set up. Tomorrow I’ll start the real work of gasp writing articles!!

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