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IDS check ins & the dreaded blacklist

Today, I’m doing IDS check ins with my mentor – hopefully, I can make up for my lack of progress in February. I have my past few learning journeys pulled up, and even though they are about AI, nothing else has really resonated with me – it’s busywork.

So, I pulled up my site to show my mentor – but I get an error message.

This is the result of something I now remember running in to with; it’s a new domain blocklist. 90% of domains (,, under 30 days old are malicious; it makes sense to automatically block them. I got around this for my website by asking the school board helpdesk to unblock the site. I’ll have to do this again. So, I sent an email to my mentor. In the meantime, I plan on drafting an article on this site to discover stuff about keyword research. First, though, I’m going to finish what I started yesterday: A logo.

I’m looking at these logo trends just to get an idea of what other logos look like, in general. An interesting thing about lowercase logos:

Typically, if you envision a logo that starts with an uppercase letter, you often remember just the letter. In fact, brands often base their logo adaptations on that single capital letter. When it comes to all lowercase letters, our minds tend to remember the whole world as a complete package.

Effy Fischer – UX designer for Wix logo maker

This is pretty interesting. If I capitalize the first letter of my logo, I may handicap people’s perception of my brand to the alliterations of “Pi Proficient”, which isn’t what I’m going for. I want to convey proficiency and learning in the subject, not “P”. So, I might want to just make the logo “pi proficient”. I also want to go for a minimalist logo to get the point across; I want to invest less in the art itself and more in the meaning behind it.

When designing a logo, though, I want to just make a pictoral logo, not a logo that has words in it. Something I can use as a watermark, a site header anything.

I’m going to choose two colours for my logo. Raspberry Pi’s colours are Green and Red, and Blue represents learning. I think that red is more important than green, as it represents the bold innovation that can be done with the simple raspberry pi. I want to represent something similar.

So, we’ve decided on Blue and Red. Blue for education, Red for boldness and likeness to the Rapsberry Pi. To start, I’m trying, a free vector image editor. Good for logos.

I think I’m going to try for a design like this – I’m going to go for a more minimalistic look, maybe. The sharp edges do not go well with the rounded ones.

Welp, that’s it for today. Tomorrow I’ll try to finish my logo.

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