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What’s wrong with using AI?

Fundamentally, humans and current AI models are different. They synthesize information in a different way. One uses knowledge, memories, and consciousness to make thoughts and turn those thoughts into speech. The other uses the average word that comes after another one in that specific context. For this reason, many refrain from using AI to write articles, or to help write articles for them.

But why?

AI might think differently than humans, but that’s not a reason to completely disregard it as a writing tool. If the two generate paragraphs that are exactly the same (word for word), would you be able to tell the difference between the two because of the way they were written? Absolutely not.

For tutorials, the end goal is to make understandable content that gives the user a surface-level understanding of the topic. AI is great at this; explaining, generalizing, and simplifying. So, why don’t I use it?

Because that’s not the point of this project. Why would I be doing an IDS and all this research if I could just use an AI to write articles for me? It would be pointless. I want to show my understanding of the topic, and how to convert that into usable tutorials. I don’t want to make an AI’s understanding into tutorials, that’s not what people come to websites for. They come for personal experience and preference, which AI does not have. If you want an AI’s opinion, ask it yourself.

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