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Setting up the site, making a logo, and should I use AI?

This evening, I set up the site “pi proficient” and chose a theme. I then tried to make a logo. Setting the site up was fairly easy, I just configured a few plugins and chose a theme.

I decided on SmartCube, a theme that looks like a news site, which I personally think will be very flexible. I also want my website to be simple, and not so modern. In addition to that, I think that most of the traffic in my website will be on the posts themselves, and not the home page. I’m not going to worry too much about it.


I’m going to do some research into what will make a nice logo for my site. I want it to involve the pi (raspberry maybe? computer?), and show learning/proficiency.

I used Wix’s logo design to make a step by step guide in designing a logo; it made it a lot easier.

However, I’m just going to put that on hold for today and work on a learning journey; I have IDS check-ins tomorrow. So, I’m going to research something I think is important: using AI to write articles.

Why use AI?

Some like to semi-automate the process of making tutorials; it takes away the need for creation and you only have to analyze and edit articles. In some cases, this can be good! Instead of typing long, monotonous articles with basic surface-level information (Most writers must cover a wide variety of topics; some run cooking websites, tech websites, and travel blogs all at once), you can just double-check that it’s OK and useful. However, some things must be made without bias. For example, an article on a person’s personal political beliefs couldn’t be generated by AI as the person does not hold the fundamental beliefs the AI is trained on; instead, it is a culmination of millions of people’s opinions, which is likely not what one seeks when looking for that specific author’s opinions.

My topic falls under the former category, as the information within the topic can’t be biased, as it’s the way things are: You press a power switch to turn on a computer. You type the “G” key on a keyboard, and it will output the letter “G”. So, this topic of technology and tutorials would not run into a bias issue (unless you make opinion lists, which is something I do not intend on doing.)

Things that are written objectively can’t be biased by AI, but the AI can write incorrect information. If you were to ask an AI to write a tutorial on installing a piece of software, it may have limited training data on the subject and would not be able to accurately know the information. Instead, it would guess, creating a high chance of information. Most of the time, the guesses are right. But when the guesses are wrong, it says it with enough confidence that anyone who are learning from it would believe it. This is where humans are better. One thing that truly differentiates humans and AI at this stage of development is humans’ ability to doubt themselves. I could ask ChatGPT to write an article on a piece of software that it doesn’t even know exists, and it would instantly make something up that sounds extremely legitimate and truthful. If you were to ask me to write an article about something I don’t know about, I would doubt my knowledge and perform research until I don’t doubt the truthfulness of the information anymore.

Because of this, I am deciding to not use AI to write my articles. Maybe I could use it as a tool to help research, but it will stay a tool. Nothing more, nothing less.

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