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Can AI replace websites?

The explosion in ChatGPT’s popularity has had a massive impact on students, teachers, and anyone who uses the internet. It’s an advanced language model that has sounds almost exactly like a human. People have found many uses for it, including having conversations or writing human-like articles (more on that later).

One limitation of AI that I looked at was it being trained on data from the internet, which includes blog articles (Like mine) among others. The problem with this in the future is that the data in which the AI is trained could be generated by itself. For example, someone may use ChatGPT to write a tutorial for Minecraft. In a couple years from now when OpenAI is making + training ChatGPT 2, this article could be used to tell the AI how it should sound while making tutorials on Minecraft, giving itself an infinite feedback loop of sounding like itself.

Are humans like this too?

With modern language and literature, we’ve basically done the same process: Created interpretations of the English language, and trained new people based off those interpretations. Because of this, are tutorials/pages even relevant anymore? People can just ask an AI about something, and using the infinite knowledge it has, it can make an easier, better, and possibly more accurate tutorial. 

However, I still believe making human-made content is still worth doing. People want expert opinions from someone who does know the facts, and AI isn’t quite there yet. So, I will continue to make my website. Maybe I’ll adopt AI as a tool. But I won’t replace my writing with it. 

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