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Why do companies charge money for privacy?

I did more research into the way websites are hosted; what services, packages and and budgets are required to do so. On my journey to doing so, I discovered that there is a website called WHOIS that makes information on domain registrants private. Luckily, I chose a domain provider who makes that private for free, but there are providers that charge extra $$ per month just so you don’t have your address, phone number, and Full Name posted online. These tactics to squeeze money out of you are almost unsafe. What if someone had made themselves a target (E.G., Posting about Technology reviews) and they had their name, address, phone number, and email open to whoever wanted to use them? The main purpose of this is to allow for copyright/DMCA notices/claims to physically reach the owner of the website, but, like almost everything, there are drawbacks. The WHOIS privacy that is provided in my domain registrar is free, and good. These unsafe tactics got me thinking; how do I know I’m not susceptible? I don’t know if I need to pay extra for things (Like Anti-virus, Adblock) or if I can just get it for free. And, is the free version as good? Some things on the internet aren’t monetized, even though they could be (Let’s Encrypt, Oracle VM). But, some things are monetized, even though they don’t have to/shouldn’t be (WHOIS privacy). This means that you need to do research for yourself; not rely on others to do it for you. This is my best option moving forward, as I don’t want to get fed advertisements (Affiliate marketing, paid sponsorship) from places that might want to sell you a product instead of pointing you to the free, open-source (Anyone can see the code; these are generally great options) application/service. Everything’s for sale, even advice.

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