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Set up a seperate profile for Raspberry Pi

I’ve actually used my website domain for something useful! I created a new icloud mail account called, and it is definitely useful. I don’t have to create any gmail accounts, and the name was already taken, so now I can easily remember my email address.

Looks like any other email account.

I also created a new profile for my Mac that is called “Raspberry Pi DIY”, and I plan to use it for screenshots of tutorials so I don’t risk leaking anything to the internet (such as my login name “noah w”, desktop documents, apps installed, bookmarks, tabs open…). I think that in the future, I will use the raspberry Pi account to post as well, so I can focus better while doing IDS. Lastly, I created a MailChimp account to add a newsletter subscription… Yeah, I know. I just wanted to test how it works, and it works just fine. No need to explore that further.

My goals for the next while are to set up my website (for real), pay for a VPS service, and create traffic. I just want to buy the domain as my primary goal.

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