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How can I use social media to gain popularity?

This week, I investigated methods to gain views and “impressions” on instagram.

The @raspberrypiDIY page is doing well. The past few weeks, I’ve posted 1-3 times a day, everyday. My growth has been fairly consistent, and, frankly, I thought it wouldn’t go this well. I am crushing my goal of 500 followers by the end of the month, and I will launch the website this week. I plan on using the Instagram page to promote this website to drive traffic from the very beginning. However, the ease of gaining followers has had me thinking about the easy manipulation of audiences.

The end goal for all businesses is to make money.

Every business, every ‘page’ that is created (without personal interests) has a goal of making a profit. I have a goal of covering the costs for my website. Everyone wants a reward for their time spent on a project. With the ease of creation of accounts, why doesn’t everyone make one? If you create an account (Easy) and repost content (Easy), you will gain followers fast. This leads to monetization options, such as sponsored posts, account selling, and affiliate marketing. There are two answers to the question:

  • Everyone does do it

There are so many pages, accounts, and websites using brand-building methods to make a community. All of these compete with each other to populate topics with content.

  • Too little money

There is a surprisingly little amount of money involved in affiliate marketing and advertisements. The average RPM (Revenue per thousand impressions) is 0.5-3$. My website has gotten 12 impressions in the past week. I could literally spend my time picking up pennies off the ground and make more money, if the site were monetized.


A lot of people get scared away in the market of website building, and I am trying not to. There is very little money involved, lots of competition, and plenty of effort to be spent. I figure I have to put in more than 120 hours; not because of IDS requirements, but because of my project’s requirements.

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