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Managed Instagram page

For the past few days, I have been making 2 posts a day on the raspberrypiDIY instagram. I have strategically used hashtags, and will soon cross 500 followers. I simply repost popular content related to the raspberry pi, and while it isn’t my long term strategy, it is working. (See insights)

How many accounts have seen my videos/photos (Even a quick glimpse)
How many people have clicked on my profile icon
How many followers I gain (NOT total followers, anything above 0 is GROWTH)

I am definitely benefiting from the popular content I am reposting; but it does take time to find, describe and repost the content. I hope I can keep this up. I am using Meta’s business manager to schedule and post content at defined times. It helps for consistancy. I am planning on making even more posts tonight.

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