IDS Learning Journey

How does the competition of other businesses affect mine?

I decided I wanted to change topics, and did research into the way websites and brands can get promoted, specifically blogs. I used a variety of sources, and thought about the effect algorithms have on our consumption of content.

Last month, I did no IDS related to animation. I have lost interest in the topic, and am working on a re-submission form for my topic. I hope it is not too late to resubmit, as I know the cut off is winter break. I have slowly been building interest in building a website, starting in October when I created a Google Drive hosted on my own network. I chose between animation and website, and chose animation because I felt I would be more interested. I was wrong about that, and have regretted my choice since then. I’ve spent hours on this topic, and decided to go with something that allowed flexibility.

I wanted to create a website surrounding the Raspberry Pi and inspect the ways in which it can be promoted.

While researching, I found something called Search Engine Optimization. This is interesting, because to optimize your site for Google search (The main way of discovery), you have to use keywords without much competition. The millions of websites each compete with each other for domination of different keywords and topics, and the ones who are not successful get buried at the bottom. Because this favors bigger websites, how are smaller websites supposed to start up? All they can possibly compete for are smaller keywords that may not be related to the topic. The internet equivalent of table scraps. I think this reflects normal life in a way; you can’t just make a fast food chain and compete with McDonalds’, you have to establish yourself as something unique and build your way up from there. I think starting a website will be like starting a business, in this way.

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