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Creating an Instagram account

Three days ago, I started a social media account called @raspberrypidiy on Instagram. I figured that the best way to get started would be to… Just, start! In the past three days, my plan to gain influence was simple:

  1. Post 3x a day.
    I re-post popular content in my “niche”. This allows me to have high-quality videos, without actually doing the thing in the video. It doesn’t seem to make much sense, “stealing” others’ work, but if you credit them and allow them to request a take-down, it’s completely fine.
  2. Follow as many accounts as possible.
    I found that if you follow about 200 accounts per day (the limit), you will gain about 50 followers. These people just instinctively follow accounts that follow them, so by doing this I can easily get my numbers up for the algorithm.
  3. Schedule posts.
    I do this through Meta (Previously known as facebook)’s own app. They allow me to schedule posts up to 75 days in advance, so while I am available, I re-post 3 different videos and schedule them to be published throughout the next day. This allows me to have a bit more flexibility while keeping my posting consistent.

So, what’s next?

I want to make a website that is a spot to look for tutorials and advice for small computers like the Raspberry Pi. I want to build a community around it, and make it self-sustainable. I will optimize the visibility and I hope to learn how sites become popular. Most importantly, I want to learn how to use the algorithms to survive in a modern internet.

But, what’s actually next? Like, tomorrow?

I want to create a logo for my Instagram page and website, and I want to get the topic approval sorted out. I should probably do more research into site design, and make a business plan. Other than that, I want to learn as I go. There are communities dedicated to hosting a website/blog, and they are called “Just Start” because the best way to learn is to “Just, start”.

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