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What do I prioritize? (Final reflection)

I started the year with a lack of idea generation; I didn’t use any creative risks and barely even changed other people’s ideas at all. I simply shared what others had created. I wanted to learn how to create my own content, and the best way to do that would be taking other people’s work and building it into a better, more compact version. I would take the information, and decide what is necessary to keep and what isn’t. This risked my Search Engine Optimization, as it resulted in cutting out a lot of “fluff” which helped the page ‘rank’ on different search engines. However, I believed that doing so would create a better experience for the user, and make the website more useful for most. I still stand by my belief of putting the user instead of money first, but there is a problem within this. If I do not rank on the search engines, then no one will see my site or benefit from my writing. I think I did not strike a good balance of both; I did not optimize my site enough, and rather spent too much effort into making things useful. Most do not strike a balance in fact: Some sites are spammy, full of garbage, and never really tell you anything. Some have extremely useful information but are not shown anywhere as they are not ‘optimized’. The couple that are balanced are the ones you see, a narrow band of useful enough, ad-filled, easy-to-read websites. This is an unfortunate reality that will likely continue with the introduction of AI and the need for greed in online marketing and writing. As my project comes to a close, I am glad that I have learnt about the industry of online marketing and the tricks used to optimize, and I hope that others will be more aware on how everything that they see online is there because someone wants it to be.

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