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Why are ‘snippets’ sometimes useless?

I created an article last week involving a tutorial on using a voice chatbot, like Siri or Cortana. I formatted the article to include a list, which are useful in the Google search engine because they take advantage of snippets. These are the little boxes that appear in your first result of the search, and usually give you a good, straightforward answer to your question. These are, however, bad for your website, as they prevent users from clicking on your article and gaining traffic, giving you ad revenue. So, what do websites do to fix this? They make the ‘snipped’ sections incomplete, letting the user click on their article and get bombarded with ads. This is good for the ‘webmaster’ (author/creator of the site) and bad for the user. This causes websites to become stretched out, and to not have valuable content in every paragraph, as if they did, then the ‘snippets’ would give people an answer and not bring them revenue. So, what do I do about it? Because I am a tutorial site, and I try to make my articles as compressed and useful as possible, I want to be featured as a snippet, as that already places me much above where I am right now in terms of ranking position. So, the ‘snippet snipping’ as I call it is most beneficial for those who do not need the publicity, but need the clicks.

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