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New Post (Learning journey dropping tomorrow)

Today, I created a new post on how to set up a voice assistant using the raspberry pi, like Siri or Cortana. I got it working, it’s called Mycroft, and I unfortunately do not intend on using it. My main SEO learning from today was optimizing lists; it is easy for google to read lists and provide answers straight from the web page, so your site often shows up on top rather than other competitive sites. Furthermore, those snippets that you can read on google search results show up before you even open the webpage:

As you can see, this website has already been pushed to the top, and the user gets a highlighted preview on what to expect from the article. This is usually a good thing, but my research has found some complaining about the lack of ad revenue when google doesn’t entice people to click their site, and they get their answer straight from the search page. This causes them to lose viewership, and therefor money, as the user clicks off of the tab/page once they are satisfied with their answer.

However, for me, it’s great. I get to get pushed to the top of the page, and I don’t really care about money so my ad revenue is not being effected. The action of making a step by step list makes it easy to read for the ‘crawler’ bots who find the optimal answer based off the keywords in the article.

Well, I’ve hit publish and it’s midnight. I’m going to get some good night’s rest. I had a productive session today!

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