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New post :D, new ideas!

Yesterday, I created a learning journey on something or another. Right now, I’m really tired, and I don’t have the tab open so I reckon it was fairly well written. Anyways, I made a tutorial on how to set up a Network-Attatched Storage Device (NAT). Pretty interesting, I am now looking into starting a nextcloud server as my next tutorial. It’s like a free, fun version of Google Drive. That does speak to me; hosting your own alternatives of software that is paid. I think I will make a learning journey on that next week.

Something that happened while I was researching this articles is a conflict: I wanted to write about Nextcloud, but I also wanted to finish what I started with my NAT article. I ended up doing the latter, and it is probably better as I now can have 2 articles instead of 1. I search engine optimized this article by adding an outbound link, a list format, and headers that direct different subsections of the article and attract a readers’ eye.

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