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YOU should know linux commands, and how they could help humanity

While I was writing my linux commands article, I thought about how people should know how to operate computers at a fairly advanced level. The commands are a foundation of being able to know your way around a computer; you know what to do when someone says “make a file” or “move to the ____ folder”. This will allow you to take full advantage of a machine, and will give you a basis on understanding more complex computers (such as A.I.) Here’s a fun thought experiment:

  • Throughout evolution creatures have gotten smarter and smarter
  • The next leap will almost certainly be with A.I. (There already has been with computers)
  • The best way to keep humans on top of it would be to teach them how to operate computers and A.I.
  • By being able to control A.I. and making it think for us, our “intelligence” will increase.

If I help people operate technology properly and effectively, I am a small but essential part of the larger puzzle of increasing humans’ efficiency and aspirations. Someone might be inspired to keep on persevering with technology from an article I made, and that person could grow up, helping the field of technology grow and advance. There would be a cascading effect if I were to motivate those people to help others, inspiring generations to come. So, are educators fundamental to human advancement? Yes! I will be happy if I have inspired anyone to do anything great with this project. I just hope it happens.

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