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How can I make an impact on my reader’s days?

These past few weeks, I’ve been writing articles for people to read. And read they did; I got, like, 40 views! In the process, I had to decide what I wanted to write about. The general theme of my site is a tech tutorials, but with the limited number of articles I will write in this time, I don’t want to have a meaningless site that instructs users to plug their computers in and click on my ads. I recently made an article on BOINC, a scientific volunteer project that is run by the university of California, Berkeley. It allows for people to ‘donate’ their computing project to multiple scientific causes (climate models, prime number searches, etc…). I have now been invested in this project, and am dedicating some of my computer to causes like this. What I want to focus on is how that tutorial may make a difference in the world. There’s so much competition out there, and I think it is truly valuable to maintain a unique part in my website; sending a message of positivity that will help the user, others, or all.

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