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New Post – Long one this time!

Today, I just made a new post, catching up on the missed progress from the weekend. I’ll catch up tomorrow too. Pretty much, I just plunked away and made this article about making a web server. Something interesting is that the port forwarding did not work on my raspberry pi, so I also started to make a tutorial on how to bypass Carrier Grade NAT, something that prevents most networks from having a fixed IP address. This is because there are only something like 5 billion unique IP addresses in the world, and they’ve all been used up. So, the CGNAT prevents new ones from being created by putting multiple networks under one IP address. For Telus, you have to pay an additional 10$/month to get your own IP address, because they don’t want to be handing them out willy-nilly. Anyways, I did just a lot of writing today. Feeling a bit burnt out but I felt like I wanted to get this done.

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