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Edited site, configured comments, and added post

Today, I started out by opening up my site to create a new post. However, I saw I had a notification for a new comment:

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Random commenter

Why are they commenting? They aren’t even promoting a service.

This is a problem. I don’t want google to flag my site for negative content (as the comment is text on the site), so I want to remove this spam.

After a bit of digging, I found the answer to my question: Databases.

I am being added to a database of websites that can be spammed; if my comment shows up on the site, they know there’s no automatic filtering system to remove them. So, they add my site to a database so they know that it can be spammed. Then, they begin spamming. How can I stop this?

I’m going to install a plugin called honeypot, which catches and eliminates these spam ‘users’. I was going to install ‘Akismet’, but it calls to an outsourced API, basically having to rely on someone else’s servers. I do not want this. So, i set up honeypot. It’s a spam protection service that prevents users from making comments on your website without approval. I set all this up and also edited my site to include a ‘login’ screen.

When i try to log in, it worked before. Now with the anti spam plugin. it returns me to the home screen as a normal user. No matter which login I try, it doesn’t let it work. So, I am going to uninstall it and get a different plugin. Today this rabbithole has gone deeper than I could have forseen.

Next, I just added a post about wifi. This time, I tried to add more search-engine optimized phrases, and it seems to be a lot better. It’s harder than I thought. More specifically, I repeated my keyword (Wi-Fi) 8 times throughout the article but tried to distribute it so google would think the article is more balanced.

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