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Published ultimate guide, account approval

Today, I got an email from instagram support that my account @piproficient has been approved and they apologized for any inconvenience. I also verified that my tutorial worked by running it on my own raspberry pi, and I think something I will do in the future is create a tutorial on how to install add-ons to the server. I can keep on using internal links, which are very useful tools to keep people on your…

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Learning journey, account ban

Today, I wrote a learning journey. I spent a fair amount of effort on it, check it out! (Why do we trust tutorials?). I also opened up instagram on my computer for unrelated business but found that I was logged in to a new account I created a few weeks ago (piproficient). It had been banned, so I needed to submit an appeal form. This included writing on a piece of paper to prove that…

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Managed Instagram page

For the past few days, I have been making 2 posts a day on the raspberrypiDIY instagram. I have strategically used hashtags, and will soon cross 500 followers. I simply repost popular content related to the raspberry pi, and while it isn’t my long term strategy, it is working. (See insights) I am definitely benefiting from the popular content I am reposting; but it does take time to find, describe and repost the content. I…

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