IDS Learning Journey

How does the competition of other businesses affect mine?

I decided I wanted to change topics, and did research into the way websites and brands can get promoted, specifically blogs. I used a variety of sources, and thought about the effect algorithms have on our consumption of content. Last month, I did no IDS related to animation. I have lost interest in the topic, and am working on a re-submission form for my topic. I hope it is not too late to resubmit, as…

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Learning Journey

What are some basic principles of animation?

This is pasted from OneNote. (enemy of the people) What did you do? I watched a long, dense video on different principles of animation. (And did anything but IDS for the rest of the month) (12 principles of animation – alan becker)  I was watching this long video on principles of animation, highlighting the different basics that I would normally not even think of (Think drag in capes, or a person’s arms stopping a moment…

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